Last Day of School!

Today is the LAST day of School! The kids are HAPPY.....ready for summer break. Not that the weather screams summer or anything like that.

I was looking back on my blog last night (looking for a certain doll that was no longer on my computer) and seen the FIRST day of school, they looked so different...just since school started in Sept.

Jordan has gotten so much taller, by several inches and now is taller then me. I should have had some type of "marker" on the tree. Courtney's hair has gotten a lot longer and Sydney, she has grown quite a bit as well. You sure can tell it by all the clothes that she has out grown.

Courtney is wearing her "Math Masters" T-shirt and is going to have all the kids that were in Math Master's sign it.

In this picture, they look worn and tired, if you ask me (compared to the first day of school). I am picking them up from School today...I do that EVERY year.

Well last night was a late one for me....2:30 a.m. trying to finish a custom order. I am almost done and would like to get her shipped out today! I have another dollie to pack up and some pattern orders, and I have to leave early to pick my kiddies up from school. So, I must go! I have a million and one things to do. I hope ya all have a Grand day, in whatever you do. Toodles, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Ih, Boy. They look like a hand full. LOL Really cute, though. JeeZ and Jordan is not finished growing and he is taller than you already.. He is gonna be a big guy.

Did you take this in the morning before they went? Funny. Well, I hope you can keep your sanity this summer.

HMMM special order, huh? I wonder if I will be getting something in the mail, soon. :) I cannot wait!



Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Hi Tonya~ Wow last day of school already. I tell ya the time goes by faster each year. My girls don`t finish up until the end of the month, but that will be here before you know it!
Love that dollie :)