I have been busy making a **NEW** addition to My ~Wee-Leggins Collection~ Meet ~Stella~ "The All Hallow's Eve Kitty-Cat". I have her listed on ebay...with a slight delay in the listing. Just call me as it is...Always a day late and a dollar short. *smirk*

I fell a bit behind today with taking pictures and editing them for the listing. We had a busy day today, we went to a Dear family members home and CELEBRATED her 87th Birthday today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUTH! We baked a cake and went to her house for a visit. We bought her a cedar birdhouse with lots and lots of bird seed. Ruth has always loved watching birds.

Well tomorrow I get to get up waaay early and take the kiddies to "Take a KID fishing Day". Sponsorded by the Sportsman Fisherman...they normally give each child a fishing pole, tackle and bait. A chance to win prizes for the biggest fishe and such. A very neat thing for parents and kids to do, I just wish hubby could go too....he works till 6 a.m. and then must sleep because he works all weekend.

I must go, I have quite a bit to do before I hit the hay. Oh and so sorry for my rudeness at not replying to comments on my blog...I have just simply not had any time. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Oh, how sweet she is! I recognize the material. Oh so pretty. I hope you have good weekend. Good luck on your bids for this lovely kitty. Hugs,


Pea said...

too cute my dear. I will update some pics tomorrow maybe???
Might make ya wait. LOL Have a good one.

Kimbella said...

Ahhh, she is so sweet, and such personality.... Have a great weekend~

Kimbella :)))

Annie said...

Adorable as always my T...just too cute...
You rude? hah not a chance..
Im gonna go stick my head in the freezer...for about a hour....blah @ this heat!!
Hugs Me

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, she is too sweet, I was just on Annie's blog complaining that it is cold and dreary here and I felt like it was October... and I get here and look at that....She is wonderful.... Hugs, T