Just a Day...

Today was a gloomy day. I noticed my very first Iris was in bloom...but no time to take a picture. I did not take this picture. I am in a little bit of a ho-hum state of mind, very tired too. I think the weather plays a vital roll in all of that. A 7 day run of a chance of rain every day...joy.

I did do something for myself today...I went to the quilt shoppe (I was a good girl), I didn't buy any fabric there, just needlpunch supplies. Yup, I am gonna get me some more needlepunch supplies too. I use to use the "Perfect Punch" many years ago. Same type of thing, different thread and now a days, much different designs. I am going to make some things myslef...for our Home.

Much to often, I do not not take the time to do things for myself....well I have began to do so. Tis long over due. I can not wait to get all my goodies in the mail. I was reading a book that I had purchased on Needle punch (long ago) and in there, they said a very old art, that is new again. I like the simple.

I think we all tend to take things for granted and if we all take a step back...well we might appreciate things so much more. I had recently gone on a field trip with my youngest daugher (the historical museum) and they were talking of the times a HUNDRED years ago. I think they had it very difficult back in the day. I do not want it that simple, but it really made me think!

Well kiddies, I must hit the hay. I am tired. My kids only have 2 DAYS of School left and on Thursday...Let the Games begin! Yup, a juggling act for me and so much more. It will be difficult for me to get any work done. I will be burning the olde midnight oil, I am sure of that! Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Pea said...

Sweet on the iris my friend. I love them. My garden is so needing weeding still but ya know what I have been up to. ;). Dolly making is taking over for the moment.
Yuck- school out I am not looking forward to it. Hot weather and kids with nothing to do. been there done that.
It is really important to take time for ourselves and do a little for mom. NO one else will. I like to make things for our home but never seem to have the time. Too much time on the p.c. LOL
so that with that I am gonna scoot back to the studio.
Have a good one my friend

Jenny said...

Hi Tonya,

Spring showers running quite late here as well. It has been really hot, to.

Well, I cannot relate, cuz I do things for myself all the time. LMAO I don't mean to rub it in. That is probably the biggest complaint of most mom's. I often feel selfish when I think of parents because I can do so much for myself. But I also think it is a blessing, kids would probably bring out a side in me I would rather not deal with. I lack patience,big time.

I hope your children are busy doing other things this summer so you can have your time.



Tammy said...

Hey Ton,
Looks like we both will be pulling out our hair. Thank God we have lots of it! LOL Yes, icky weather gets everybody in a different mood. Yes, time for ourselves that is what every person needs and it is soooo nice when we get to have a little time to do whatever our little hearts desire. Have a good one.
Luv & Hugs Tam