GOD Paints...

GOD paints the Heavens today? This was taken at about 9 p.m. tonight (central time) This is Beauty, the natural way...but to get to this, was a very treacherous day. Is this the beauty after the rain/storm or the calm before another storm?

Today, we left at a bit after 8 a.m. for fishing. The bright skies were turning to darkness and I had thoughts of turning back. After about 10 min. into town, the heavens opened and the down pouring began, rumbling and lightning to follow.

I turned on the station that updates us locally on the weather and the storm was moving 59 mph and we were right in the heart of it. It began to hail (nickel sized) and cars were pulled along side the road, because it was so difficult to see.

I continued on...and said we were going to Shopko. It was right on the edge of that side of town. I felt this was safer then sitting along side the road. So, we arrived there safely. Shopped a bit and it cleared...we went fishing. It grumbled a bit, but was a decent day for fishing. The kids had a nice time. After fishing, we got a bit to eat and went to Wal-Mart for the things we all must. Shortly after we got home, "Mother Nature" was at it again!

Cells moving our way...as many as 5. A tornado touched down about an hour away. Tornado watches/warnings and then extending them today. It was a bit of a scare. We made it through and Thankful nothing happened around here...other then dark skies, rain, wind and hail. Jordan told me after we got home...Mom, I was scared this morning when you were driving in the storm. I said, I could tell...you were quiet.

All in all, today was a very thought provoking day with lots of ups and downs and kids screaming and fighting in between. Oh and lets not forget, this morning was chilly and then it turned to sticky and humid. Now, all is quiet. The girls are watching a movie, darkness has fallen once again and I get to have some random thoughts to myself for the first time today. I hope you and yours have a Peaceful evening.

Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Annie said...

Now that is a very cool picture Missy T....I love it...such pretty colors...ya done good!!!
Im glad your all safe....I'm off to bed....have a good night....Hugs Me

Pea said...

Pretty picture there my friend. What a story you told to go with it. I know for a fact that would have scared the dark side of a Pea right out. LOL

Jenny said...

Really neat picture, Tonya. Scary weather. Sometimes I miss it, which probably sounds weird, but even though I was scared of a storm it still seemed somewhat exciting to hear thuder and lighting and such...We just get showers and winds, but not anything too major in the city.

I hope the weather gets pretty and warm for you.

Hugs, Jenny