Taking time...

Where does the time go? Well, I have not been on the computer much lately. We had a good Hallow's Eve. I hope you did as well. I should add, the kiddies had a good Hallow's Eve, Dad worked and Mom (me) had a very terrible Migraine. It was terrible. I mulled through it and did the best I could.

So, then my Mother and I played! We took off yesterday and hit some Prim shoppes. I had a very nice day. I do not get out often enough and I feel, I should. My hubby tells me all the time to go......but for some reason, I am always so hard on myself and say, I have to get this done, I have to do that....I dropped everything and went.

It was good for me to get out. I bought a few things for myself. I found some Awesome wide, Primitive coloured Rick-Rack! Love it and can not wait to use it on some dollies. I have so many things I want to make.......just never do have enough time ya know. I have been working on a Rabbit for over a week, here and there that is. *smirk* He is layin there nakkid and faceless. Oh well. I will get to him, he can't complain........because he has no mouth. LOL

I hope you all have a great weekend. My hubby and son are out being "The GREAT Deer hunters". I hope they hunt safe. I hope they bag a deer and I hope that have a great time. As for me and my girls, I think we are going to the movies tomorrow. Ya all take care now. Many Blessings to you and yours, ~Tonya

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