Snowfolk Sammy!

Meet ~Snowfolk Sammy~ I ADORE the way that he finished up and would LOVE to keep him! He is an addition to my "Wee-Leggin's Collection". He is a One of a Kind and well not be duplicated or made into a pattern...

He has so much character and he will list on eBay tonight and be on there for 5 days. I had to create, to chase away my blues. Well not blues, I call it being in a "FUNK". I have felt a bit "off" lately and had some horrendous headaches as well. Too much thinking, I think!

I have decided, something had to give, so I may not be selling anymore Needful Supplies. I know that you gals that have been so supportive in that area, may be upset. But for the most part, I do hope that you understand. Maybe I just need a break from all of the orders. It takes so much time to do all of that...along with my family, kids, house work, and my dollies.

Right now, I just really want to make dollies. That is what my heart it telling me and you must listen to your heart. I am out or very low on my inventory for supplies and I am not going to reorder at this time. Maybe in the future, but for now I am not. I am sorry.

On another note, hubby and my son are going to play with the deer again this weekend and that means just me and my girls. We are going to go to the movies this weekend and have some fun! I think it is long over due!

I have sooo many ideas floating around in my head for dollies. And hey, ya never know......maybe some of them may be turned into patterns. I have had several requests for new patterns. I hope you have a great Friday...kick-off to the weekend. Take some time for yourself....I know I am going too. Toodles, ~Tonya


elisabethB said...

I love his so smooth smile :-))

Niki said...

He's adorable!