My Latest Wee-Leggins...

The Wee-Leggins are my latest obsession. *smirk* you can't tell can you! I am switching gears anyways. I have some other things to make and I am sure some are sick of the little wood legged dollies. I do love them, I think it is the size and that they are different from a lot of other dollies out there.

This Olde Santa will go on eBay tonight, along with my Snow Fairy. I am going to offer FREE Shipping (with in the U.S. and a discount to Canada) as a Thank you. It is that time of year ya know! I am Thankful for all of you and it is just a little token of my appreciation.

I now have to get ready for my Stocking Swap in my TDIPT Group and also the Mercantile deadline is approaching very fast! I may have to contact the webmaster and ask her if I can be last. I have only been late one other time and that was due to weather. So, I guess I better shake my tail feathers......I also have to list my two dollies for tonight.

I hope all has been well for all of you. The weather has been so foggy here lately. I am not looking forward to winter this year....Brrr tooo cold for my bones. Have a good evening. Toodles, ~Tonya

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Eccentricities Studio said...

Hi Tonya!!!

Hey, I love your latest wee leggins ... :) They are super-cute ... but you already know how much I love them. *smile*

It has been grey and dreary here ... a mist in the air almost all the time right now. Damp heavy air ... but snow is coming later this week! I'm ready for winter ... not like I have been in years' past ... I'm just more ready for it.

Well, wishing you all the best and hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!