The Eyes...

This Little Sweetie is coming home to live with me! I won this fabulous piece from Karen of Cotton Pickin Ranch. I wrote to her, right after I won and paid for it. I told her, it is those eyes. She has a lot of Soul in that ole face... I can not wait until my Bunny arrives.

Well today is very, very HOT!! So glad that we have air. I don't like the bill, but I will gladly pay the electric bill to not be miserable. I am working feverishly at getting my special order done. I will not be taking any special orders on for a while....I need to get some *NEW* patterns out and some *NEW* Creations are screaming to be made. Sounds funny I know, but I have them nagging at me in my head. So many sketches to bring to Life as well.

Just wait until all of my kiddies are in school this fall....I hope to be a lot more organized and more productive with my time. Well, I am off to go make supper for my kiddies and then work this evening.

Toodles ~Tonya


The Feathered Nest said...

Tonya, what a precious bunny...you're right, the eyes are so sweet ~ quite irresistable...I love it! xxoo, Dawn

Sylvia Anderson said...

Tonya~ Congrat's!!! That's a fabulous looking bunny!! Lucky you! :) The eyes are wonderfully done, and look so real.