7 Things...

I finally listed a New set of stockings on eBay!! I wanted to get these done sooner, but I guess better late, then never. I am not happy with the pictures, but they will just have to do. I have been fighting a nasty allergy/cold. I am more prone to this because I am asthmatic....so it sets right in to my lungs. Oh what fun! Any time the seasons change a bit, I am sick.

Ok, I was tagged a while back and I am going to make my list of 7 things...that you may not know about me.

1. I moved out on my own, at a very young age of 14. I did just fine and appreciate so many more things in Life because of it.

2. Shortly after I graduated in 1991, I started to go to college to become an LPN. I did not find it my "True Calling". I left school and the teachers were not happy and even called me at home and asked why? They wanted me to come back...I declined.

3. I bought my first home when I was a senior in High School. I guess I started out early in life with many things. :o)

4. I love a slower pace of Life, that is why "Country Life" is for ME! No City would simply do.

5. I ABSOLUTELY HATE Centipedes!! Want to see me move real quick, put one of those by me. I haven't seen one of those in years....if I never seen one again, it wouldn't bother me a bit!

6. I am too hard on myself. I have always been....I guess it is something I need to work on. Meaning, I am my own worst critic.

7. I am afraid of running out of time! Not having enough time. To do, see and say, all of the things I have always wanted to do and have wanted to say, in my Life. There is simply, never enough time.

Ok, I count 7! LOL That is it, I am done! Not much, I know. But I feel I am somewhat of a simple person. Little things make me happy. I hope you all have a great evening. It has been very warm here....and as far as I am concerned, when it is this hot...I would rather be inside working. Tee-Hee. Many Blessings, ~Tonya


Sylvia Anderson said...

I LOVE the new stockings Tonya!!! Fabulous!!!

How interesting that you were self sufficient at such a young age! It sounds like you were very mature for your age, and knew what you wanted and didn't let anyone hold you back. Good for you! :)

Once Upon A Notion said...

Great job on the stockings! They are very prim and whimsical. I love your 7 things too.

The gone fishing post had my hubby stop and try to see what the kids caught. He takes our kids fishing here and in Canada. He wanted to see if yours cought a Pike or a Muskee? Anyway - great posts and great work. I added a link to you on my blog!


Jamie said...

Tonya, I have just loved reading about you. Thanks for sharing. YOU are awe inspiring! ;)

Blessings ~ Jamie

~Tonya said...

Sylvia, I have always been very "Independent"....somtimes that is a good thing, but not always :o) Thanks so much!

Thank you so much on the stockings, Steph! I had a lot of fun with them. Actually, that little fish was a baby Bass. She was happy to catch anything....even that tiny LOL. I will add you, next time I post. :o)

Awww Jaime...you are so sweet! I love reading your blog too and seeing your works of art in process.

Smiles at you gals,