The Daily Grind...

Well. this is how I have been feeling for the last couple of days! I feel I am constantly busy, but really getting nothing done. I am sure most of you can relate. Today was the first day of summer, but ya know....I feel summer has been here for quite a while.

Oh, there is always tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow will be better. I keep telling myself that. LOL I wrote about patching my kids water slide, well guess what I have gotten to do for the past two days? Any guesses? The glue and patches that you get with the set, not so good!! The glue is junk! I get to eat crow. I did it all nice, spent hours repairing this thing so my kids could have fun. Hubby said, it isn't worth it. I said oh yes it is! He said the patches are going to fall off. Well, I get to eat crow! Crow doesn't taste so good *smirk*

So, yesterday and today....I was out there, stitching them suckers on! Now they should stay! I am bound and determined for them to stay put! There is not that many, but when I do something, I want to make sure to do a good job and to do it right. That is my philosophy...if you are going to do something, do it right the first time. Funny thing is, with this, I thought I had!

So, tomorrow it better go off without a hitch! So now the ole fingers are sore from the thick fabric that the slide is made out of. Stitching that was not a fun task. Well, I best be scooting along. My Mercantile offering is calling my name.

Happy Trails to you.....Until we meet again.


iblur.d said...

lol watch out for the sudden stop...little hamster...I hope your to-day is better T....Hang in there!! Hugssss Annie

Once Upon A Notion said...

Tonya - hope you are getting things done! Have fun on you alone day tomorrow! Crow tastes yucky doesn't it? hope the kids can play in the water now!