Father's Day...

I would like to wish all of you Father's out there....a Heartfelt "Happy Father's Day". I hope you have a Peaceful day, spent with loved ones. If you are not near your loved, then I am sure they are never far at heart.

Another storm came through last night.....no wireless *sigh* I had a new offering for eBay that I wanted to list tonight. I may try to list it, or wait until Tuesday. Maybe by then, they may have the wireless fixed. There was hail about 5 miles from here, along with 2 tornadoes sighted. It was pitch black here in-a-matter of a just a few minutes. The winds came, the rain and followed by lightning and thunder. The only thing left to be seen from the storm here, is a lot of small branches laying about, with leaves laying in shreds everywhere on the ground. Wireless was knocked out in 5 towns in the surrounding area....Oh Joy!

My new offering...when I started it, it was going to be for the Mercantile. We are having "Christmas in July". When working on this new offering, it did not want to be a Snowman, but rather a Pumpkin-Man. I finished this pieces and appropriately named them, Jack & Scat! It is "SPOOKY" Jack, with his Ole Trusty Cat...Scat. I love this set! I am going to make one for myself before fall. He has the sweetest face.

Today, hubby has to work, so not really much of a Celebration for Father's Day. He knows that his kids love him. *smirk* They all made him sweet little cards.....each one personalized with their talents. I think "Home-made" is BEST! I wish you all a Wonderful Sunday.

Smiles & Blessings...sent your way, ~Tonya

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