Do you have the time??

Time does not stand still.
You can not buy time and you can not take time.
Time waits for "no man".
It does not matter if you are young or old.
Time is of the essence.
It does not matter if you are rich or poor.
Time seems to pass you by...
Do you have the Time??

A little "Tid-Bit" that I was thinking about. I just always wonder, with being so busy from time to time....how time does not stand still. I think with time, we need to make time. To be with our loved ones. To take that walk, that you have been meaning to take. To just be...I guess.

Well, I finally released my Lydie-Bug & Daisy Flower pattern! YAY!! I am working on a couple others. I have to take a bit here and there...in between sewing, or I may not appreciate my handmades. Plus, not to mention...a lot of you doll makers have been very patient and I Thank you. I am sorry that it took me so very long to come out with the pattern.

Well, I have been tagged! I have to think of 7, yes, 7 things that I have to tell you about myself, that you may not know or that would surprise you. I tell ya, I have been "racking my brain" trying to think of 7. I am having problems coming up with 7, imagine that. I will think long and hard and try to come up with them...then I have to tag 7 people.

Tomorrow is my kiddies last day of school. I think, here in Minnesota....we are one of the latest for kids being done with school??? It just seems to be quite late this year. Well, I am off to work a bit on another pattern. I have to go and work, while the getting is good.

Have a Good one!

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