Gone Fishing...

Today was "Take a Kid" fishing Day today! It is a day that A Sportsman's Group puts on once a year. It is also sponsored by local business. They give out a fishing pole to every kid, along with some fishing tackle and a treat to DQ, when they are done. We have gone to this every year. The kids always have FUN! This is Miss Sydney....she caught a little Bass. She was so excited!
It was a VERY windy day by the lake. I of course made the kids bring a jacket....but did I?? Ya think that I would listen to myself when I talk *smirk* So, I had capri's on and I was wrapped in a blanket. What a site! I was not the only one wrapped in a blanket at least. This is Miss Courtney, my middle child. She is nine and will be in 5th grade this fall...

There is Mr. Jordan, on the dock with my nephew. Jordan is the taller one. He caught a big ole cat fish and a couple of others. Courtney did catch a little blue gill. All in all, we had a pretty nice day....the tangles were lots of fun....Always! When we were done fishing, we went out to eat and then, hubby said that he would take the kids to another park to give me some, "ALONE TIME"! That was so very nice.

Alone time for Mom is far and few. But when I had time to myself...What do ya suppose I did? I went to Wal-Mart and then went home and cleaned...in peace thou. Crazy right? Well, no one else is gonna do it....so I guess that leaves Little ole Me!

Well, I am off to go get a million and one things done that I need to do. I hope you all have a Wonderful Saturday Evening.

Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Annie said...

They are beautiful kiddies!!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

Such cute kids, Tonya! Sounds like you all had a great time!