I was trying to take a picture of both of our dogs and all of a sudden...SMACK!!!! I was AIRBORNE and right flat on my back! I guess you can say that Cocoa and Kali were having so much fun playing, that they didn't even pay attention. See Kali's stitched area, where they shaved her...for spaying her. Poor doggie.

Some more pretty flowers. I have way more then enough. I will have to thin out the flowers in the fall. I should find someone near, that needs some perennials.

A nest in our olde birdhouse/ladder decor. This is the 4th nest that has been made on this birdhouse. The birds make one very year. One year the little eggs didn't get to hatch, a strong wind knocked the ladder over and the eggs broke.

This ladder is several years old...but hubby and I use to make tons of wood items. You name it, we have made it. I think if we ever went back to making primitive wood items, I think that I would miss my doll making immensely!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful evening. I must make my kiddies some dinner and then I must work. Hi-ho, Hi-ho...it's off to work I go!

*smirk* ~Tonya

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Pea said...

Oh I hope you are okay. Didn't I tell you it isn't time to fly yet. we have to wait for fall. LOL

LOVE the flowers. Oh I want that iris. It is stunning.
Have a good one. eatting dinner and will be back on later tonight.
Smiles, Pea