That is how my day was yesterday. It was so nice to have a day to myself. I didn't really do anything special...but it was a very nice day. I sooo Appreciated my hubby taking the kids for the day. They of course, had a BLAST!! Which is always a good thing.

Well, my pictures for the Mercantile are into the "Web Master", Jan....and I so want to post a picture here....it is like money to a kid. It is burning a hole in my pocket *smirk*

Our Kali (our new doggie) had me on my back AGAIN! I was putting them in the kennel for the night and well she went tearing off...I called her name and she came running. I was walking next to Cocoa, not paying attention. I didn't think Kali would run into me, well she came running and she hit the back of my legs, with full force at the same time. It was like someone ripped a rug out from under me! Needless to say, Ibuprofen...is My Best Friend today!!

I heard things cracking in my neck and landed partially on my right hand....so very nice. She needs to settle down! Well, that is it for me folks. I hope the Monday, Monday back to work and so forth went well for all of you. Have a Good Evening.

Peaceful Blessings to all of you ~Tonya


Annie said...

Shame on you Kali!!I'm glad your day was peaceful!! Have a good night..I am off to bed...It's so hot here..sleeping won't be easy...Annie

Lana said...

Tonya! Are you all right girl? Take care and I agree with Annie... shame on Kali!


~Tonya said...

Thank you Annie!

Lana, yes...I am fine, well so to speak. I am a trooper! I just keep going. When I stop, is when I get stiff.

Thank you, Lana.


Dogpatch said...

lol.....well perhaps next time you need to stay out of Calli's way T!!! LOL!!

Anyway..in all seriousness, I do have my girl Missy who is mentally handicapped and is always "running" around the corners, she constantly wipes out. When she comes in the door after being let outside..."look out" she's always in a hurry. She sorta slides in like a base runner tryin to beat the throw..lol!
She got hub good yesterday, as he was not prepared, and just "unsuspectingly opened the door to let the dogs in". BIG mistake, Missy landed on his foot and slid halway up the calf and gave hub a boo boo!
Myself...I know better, I always turn around and have my back facing her, so my feet are NEVER exposed when she come tumbling in!

Anyway...I hope the motrin is doing the trick for you, and hopefully Calli will lose a little of her energy as she grows out of her "puppyness".