A day to...

Just B-R-E-A-T-H-E!

Today I do not have school. I only have one class on Friday's and my teacher is still detained in Atlanta. Flights were canceled due to the weather and she could not obtain another flight until this weekend. We still had assignments due for her class this week, but uploaded them, online. Technology, what a wonderful thing, but that means NO SNOW DAYS, even if you can't make it to school. HA!

With each new semester comes new stress. The first week or two of every semester is especially stressful, to say the least. New schedules, new classes, new teachers, and everyone must get back on schedule. Now I know why my kids are always so excited for a day away from school. Mind you, I have been working on homework all morning, but the feeling of being caught-up or ahead, is a REALLY GOOD FEELING! For a day or two I felt like a "fish out of water." I am sure you can all relate from some type of situation in your life.

I don't have anything creative to share, but I am learning and growing a lot as a person through my education and experiences. That is worth it's weight in gold! I was also the lucky recipient of a scholarship. That will be very useful and I am very grateful to have been chosen for a scholarship. Filling out the scholarship application, writing the essay and getting a recommendation was a lot work, but well worth it in the end.

Having a goal and working towards something is so very satisfying. You must have the right mind-set, determination and enthusiasm. You must look at each new day as a gift (an opportunity) and be thankful you are given that opportunity each and every day. Have a fabulous weekend. Cheers, Tonya


Theanne... said...

Congrats on the scholarship and being "caught up"...and cheers back to you, Theanne

Roberta said...

Good job on winning a scholarship! And what a great example for your kiddos. I went back to school a few years ago now and it motivated my older son to want to finish college ahead of me. He got his diploma about three months before me! I took evening classes and the beginning of every class panic set in when I looked at the syllabus, but it always turned out to be a manageable amount of work. Good luck this semester! ~Roberta

Raspberry Lane Primitives said...

How wonderful!! What are you going back to school for?
patti :)