I had to "borrow" a winter picture from the internet (hyper-link attached to the picture). Normally, this time of year we have plenty of snow, but not this year and that is fine by me. Some say that it does not "feel" like Christmas without any snow, but for me, I think the "feeling" of Christmas is from within and it is what is in your heart. I simply cannot believe how fast this month has flown by. It is nearly Christmas and I am still wondering where November went? Time seems to go by faster as I get older. Attending college sure doesn't help out with the whole time factor thou.

I am happy to say that I received all A's in my classes, however, I did not make the president's list, but I did make the dean's list. Fine by me! I am happy and I did my best! Two of my generals' classes gave me a 'run for my money' and I honestly thought I was going receive a B in each class. I will take an A- anytime. I am elated to be finished with six more general credits, along side with the core classes that I completed this semester. There was a ton of reading in my generals' classes, as well as, essays, portfolio building, critiquing, discussions, and video watching with writing responses to the videos. They were both on-line classes. I am just glad to be done and I am doing the HAPPY DANCE!!

I have break until January 9 and I am so very thankful. I can breathe and take some time for ME. I created some Christmas cards and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I stayed up way to late but it sure did feel good! I missed creating.

Wishing each of you an enjoyable holiday season. May each of you feel the "Magic" of the season. Cheers, Tonya


Pat said...

Congratulations on your terrific grades...and Merry Christmas, too.

Diane MacNaughtan * Dianie Mac * said...

Congrats on your A's

you are such an inspiration!!!

enjoy your break and creative time.

Merry,merry Christmas to you and your family :)


Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


Hi Girl !

Congrats on your making the dean's list !

I do not miss the snow either.. I am loving being able to get out and about without having to fear snow, ice, freezing rain and slippery road conditions.. so far, anyway !

Merry Christmas !