~NEW Site---NEW Dollie~

Yes sirree! Finally, a NEW Dollie! The first one this year as a matter of fact. Where does the time go? Tomorrow is already March 1 and this is my first handmade for the year. I can tell you where my time goes and it is generally in the books...

The NEW site is ~The Prim Nest~ I am so glad to be a part of The Prim Nest. I needed something extra to do, right? Not really, but I do really miss creating and I thought I would be able to create here and there. The site will update on the 1st and 15th of each month. I am always going to try to have something new for the 1st of each month and if I get something finished for the 15th, well then that is a bonus!

This is Sweet Lily. All of her lil extra's can be removed and then just be a sweet everyday dollie. I had lots of fun bringing her to life and I do hope that you will stop by and take a peek. I must go and get back to the books and my homework, which seems to be never ending. That's okay, I am up for the challenge and already at my halfway point for the semester! Can I get a whoot, whoot!! Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Jenny Carter said...

She's amazing! So sweet, I am sure you'll do well with her. I wish I could get something made. Just not motivated. Having to sell some of my collection. Though, none of your dollies...lol I like them way too much! Hard to part with them. I am looking for a job. Finding out being a business owner makes me over qualified. That is such a racket!!

Tracy said...

whoot, whoot :)
She is adorable. I love all your treasures. So much detail to them.

Lana said...

Goodness, I really am out of the loop! I hadn't heard about the new site. I'm sure you will do well there.
Your new dollie is just as adorable as all of your others, Tonya! :)