Such a sweet sweet sight!

As I gather my thoughts this morning and plan out my day, I was looking out the window and I seen not one Robin, but several of them. We tend to mark spring arriving with the sight of these beautiful orange breasted birds. I did see one last week, but only one. We also received snow last week, several inches mind you. As each day passes during the tale-end of winter, I often wonder to myself, how much longer can I handle the harsh, bitter cold and the massive amounts of snow and then spring slowly tip-toes in....I am so very thankful ♥

Since the Robins were still so scarce last week, I knew that there was still a short while to wait patiently and be hopeful that we did not receive anymore snow, while waiting for spring. Meanwhile, we still have quite a bit of snow on the ground, the weather was beautiful yesterday and the temps were into the low 50's. What more could we ask for.

Although, I would love all of the snow to melt instantly, it must be a gradual melt, as they have predicted massive amounts of flooding in Minnesota. It breaks my heart to think that many cities have to prepare for such. Those areas that they have been predicted as flood areas are already making sand bags by the thousands, several thousands and building walls in preparation for flooding.

While Mother Nature has so much beauty to unfold before our very eyes, there is also anger within. The devastation in Japan just leaves my heart so heavy. When will it end? They have endured so much and how much more can they handle. My heart goes out to each and every one of them. Peaceful blessings to each of you and thank you for taking the time to visit. ♥Tonya

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Roberta said...

Robins are a cheerful harbinger of spring. It was always so exciting to see the first one when we lived in Iowa. A few hang around all year here in Kansas City, but you do see a lot more as spring approaches.