There is light...

at the end of the tunnel for me! This semester has been long and I am so relieved that it is almost over. I think I may still have the winter "hum-drums", from have such a long winter and a slow start to spring. Finally, I see light at the end of the tunnel!

I have only a couple of finals left and then I will be finished with this semester on Wednesday! I can hardly contain the excitement. I also started a part-time job as a general assistant. What was I thinking? It is at a place where they do a lot of printing and for the most part, make reproductions of manuals. They also print many other things and put transfers on t-shirts as well. There is a lot of different things to learn there and I figured I could use the experience, as I have not worked outside my home for anyone else in about 10 years.

I have not created, nor blogged, there has not been anything fun to share. My thoughts were, same thing, different day, so why blog about it, right? I have signed up for a couple of summer classes (I may just be torturing myself?) and I have heard that summer classes can be brutal. We shall see. I want to knock some of my generals out of the way. I would be able to knock 6 credits out in just 25 days for each class. I am sure it can be done, but I will have to stay focused and stay on top of my studies!

Just thought I would say hello! Looks to be a fabulous day and well it is finally starting to feel a little like spring! Enjoy your Friday and your weekend. Cheers, ~Tonya


The Moonlit Stitch said...

You sound like you are a very focused woman! You have my respect for taking classes and jumping back into the workforce. I hope you find time to create at some point again because your talent is such a gift-you are quite awesome! ~*~Lisa

Jenny Carter said...

Hi hon.

I can relate. I am finishing up a term. Only part time, but this summer I will go back full time. I also have an interview for a part time job. It's nothing much but the hours were awesome 2-6 and on Saturdays. I really liked that. I don't think I could work Full time and go to school full time. That would be tough. Good luck with your part time job hon.