Time flies!

When you are having fun? I wouldn't say that I have been having fun, but I sure am learning quite a bit! I have not posted on my blog for well over a month and all I can say is "I have been working my butt off!"

We had a major sale at our home. We got rid of a lot of stuff. I have gone through and organized most everything in my home. I have thrown away a ton of JUNK that no one would want and we certainly do not need and boy....does it feel good! Besides all of that, I have been taking my second summer college course and I must admit, these summer courses are pretty intense, demanding, and so much more work than what I ever thought! I also helped my son with some of his body work on his truck (many hours), it is being painted as we speak.

Jordan is staying at my sister's house while working for Pioneer (I miss him) and I will pick him up on the 1st for him to stay home for one night, put his truck back together and spend his birthday with him on the 2nd. He is going to take his driving test (fingers crossed that he passes) and then back to Mankato to work for the following day. I can't believe he is turning 16 already!

Back to the Biology thing, the summer courses move along very quickly, so there is no room for error, no room for procrastination, and you just must force yourself to do your work accordingly! Summer for me has been my nose to the books and essay questions, some discussions, and lots of tests! I have found new hope within myself, I have become focused, and have almost dropped 20 pounds! Can we say focused! I have to be...

I have found many things out about myself and who I want to be and who I don't want to be. There comes a time in each person's life when they finally put all the pieces together and know exactly where I want them to be.

Now for the creating aspect of me...I miss creating immensely! I have two Halloween dollies on my studio table waiting to be stained and put together! I will get there. I am trying to work a head in class so that I can spend time with Jordan on the 2nd and Courtney on the 4th for their birthdays. Then, the class is over on the 13th, but I am hoping I will be done before that. We shall see. Time has just not been on my slide this summer and time tends to slip away from me much to often. I hope all is well for all of you! Cheers, ~Tonya


Roberta said...

Hi Tonya: "To everything there is a season". Sounds like your days have been really full. Studying for an intensive class is a full time job in itself! I work part-time (although sometimes it's a little more like full-time) and we're pretty much empty nesters and I still struggle to find time for creating! Looking forward to seeing your finished Halloween dollies, whenever you're able to finish them! ~Roberta

Hanni said...

Hello Tonya,you have been keeping yourself busy these days, all your hard work will pay off soon. Your children are growing up fast, so enjoy spending precious times with them when you can.Good luck on your studies and looking forward to see some of your wonderful creations soon.

Kathy said...

I just love you babies. Amazing work. And kuddos to you for the clear out. I haven't done this at my house in a while and boy it needs it. I've had great fun looking at all your magic. Thanks for letting me visit! ; )