~Americana Joyride~

Ohhh look at this!! This is my NEWEST Handmade! I LOVE this piece. It is my MOST favorite, thus far. It is a "TRUE" piece of Folk Art and a TRUE Labor of LOVE...

Many, many hours I have spent on this set. I have it scheduled to start on eBay tonight at 8:45 Central time. I call this set ~AMERICANA JOYRIDE~ and boy, what a ride I have been on, making this piece. Lots of re-do's to have it just right...

I thought about not listing this....because of Super Bowl weekend. That is this Sunday. My piece ends on Sunday. Oh well. I am not sure how many people get really involved in watching The Super Bowl, I know I am not one of them *smirk*.

The weather here has calmed down..Thank Goodness!! It is still bone-chilling cold! But, no white-outs and such. We even brought our two Labs (Co-Co & Kali), in the house. We have a indoor kennel for them, with a heat lamp.....but, we can't leave them outside in this COLD weather. It is just too darn cold.

Well, I must get moving. I have a hurricane that has left major distruction in my path (from making Americana Joyride). I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya


Holly Tree Primitives said...

That piece is truly amazing. I don't even know what else to say, it really is just beautiful. The detail is fabulous, just an amazing piece.


Altered Route said...

Tonya...another great creation! I'm sure it will do good...super bowl or not!!

Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

He is amazing, Tonya! Good luck with him!


~Tonya said...

Thank you so much Michele, Connie and Sarah. I appreciate you all stopping by my blog.

Have yourselves a great day.