A New Year!!!

I hope the first day, of the New Year 2008, is a good one! I have been working on this precious little bunny angel for a while now....

Seems like forever, since I worked on a doll. You have to remember, almost everyday, for several hours I work on one of my handmades. I have not worked on any handmade since before Christmas...so it was so much fun for me to get back to work!

I think I have named her Priscella Bunny Angel and she has her little Peep friend in her basket. I made a little chick, that I fully needle felted and then stained...he has little wings and all. Angels have been on my mind, so you may see quite a few of angels, for a bit. She is so pretty in pink!

She has a needle felted little muzzle, removable feather wings and so much old style charm. I am very pleased with how she turned out. She will be listed on eBay tonight and end on Sunday evening.

I suppose I better scoot. I have so much to do. My kiddies go back to school tomorrow. I am happy they are going back to school. They have been under each others skin now for a few days. *smirk* I will also enjoy a little bit of "peace". Mom needs a much needed break. I hope you all have a great day and Happy New Year!! Smiles, ~Tonya


Zanne said...

Wow. That's one cute bunny. May you have a very happy and healthy new year. - Suzanne

Eccentricities Studio said...

Happy New Year, Tonya!!!

I sure hope you are feeling better ... it's so tough to care for everyone when you are not well.

Love your new bunny, SUPER CUTE!!

With Love & Hugs and Wishes for a Wonderful YEAR!


Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Luv your Primitives!!! You are very talented!! Connie