Today was such a nice day. It felt like SPRING, for a while. It was in the upper 30's (I know, it sounds cold to some of you) but when we have had such COLD weather in the past week, with such high winds...well, 30's are NICE! I even had my spring jacket on. I know, I am Crazy like a nut! When I am out & about, I tend to get quite warm, very easily.

Any who, this weekend flew by too quickly. The girls and I made Blueberry Muffins yesterday morning with bakery-style topping, YUMMM! And boy did they taste GOOD. I was going to take a picture and blog them, but they did not last nearly long enough *smirk*.

I am working an addition to my "Wee-Leggins Collection". She is very SWEET. She is an Angel and very "fancy". I wanted her to be more primitive, but I lost the battle. She is full of detail, hand stitchin and so very sweet. I hope to have her finished tomorrow and list her on eBay.

I must go, I have lots of work to do. As they say, A Mother's work is never done. I hope you have all had a great day. Take Care, ~Tonya

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Lorraine said...

OOOooh! Can't wait to see her!! I love seeing your new dollies, they are always so amazing:o)! We made it to 63 degrees yesterday and I'm lovin' it!!