Lazy Bones...

Today I took a day to "DE-COMPRESS"!! I started out with a movie and folding clothes this morning. Ya know the basket of clothes with all the wash clothes, small hand towels and socks....the one that no one wants to do! But I did enjoy watching the movie and a little bit of peace and quiet.

I then just did a bunch of nothing today.....well it seemed like it any ways. I normally get quite a bit done, but today I just took it slow. It is soooo COLD here, that I ache. Yes, I have arthritis, from a car accident, so the cold makes it act up. It is suppose to be warming up thou, and then rain, on top of all of our snow.....ugh.

I will be getting back to a normal routine tomorrow. Or I should say, that is the plan man *smirk* Well, I hope you kiddies stay warm. Nighty nite, ~Tonya

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Lorraine said...

Love your new pattern, Tonya:o)! Happy New Year! I'm so glad to see your new goodies!!