School Starts on Sept. 4th and boy, are we ready!! Meeting teachers, buying school supplies, getting pictures taken, hair cuts, the list goes on and on. I sure am glad that I went "clothes" shopping in July, things get picked over quick. We picked up the majority of "school supplies" when they first came out in July, my middle child would not let us pass them by.

My son, Jordan starts "Middle School" and we could not get his school supplies list until Aug. 29th. Boy, I didn't like that one bit. I do not like to wait until the last minute to go shopping.....everything and I mean everything had been ransacked! We had to go to each individual class to get his "supply list", crazy?? Or is it just me?? I had never seen anything so "backwards" in my life! Oh well, WE SURVIVED and are READY!!

This is a book cover by Gary Crew, but I thought is was so "fitting", since I have been tagged again. I have already fallen behind on some others, but this time..........I thought I better play along. So, here is goes...

You are supposed to share your middle name with the world of bloggers and then use those letters as a sort of acronym which describes you. I think I have that correct. My middle name is RENEE, several "E"s. This should be fun!

R - RICHLY BLESSED (For My Family, whom I Adore)
E - EAGER (To LEARN anything new)
N - NIGHT OWL (Way too many late nights working)
E - EFFICIENT (All the time, I have to be!)
E - ENJOY (Soooo many things in Life and I am Thankful!)

I have also been tagged by another for my First name....

T - TACKLE (if I don't know how to do something, I will try)
O - OPEN & Honest....Yup, that's ME!
Y - YEARN to be and do several things in LIFE yet!
A - ADVISE (I have been told, I give good advice)

So there you have it. A bit about me. I tell ya, it took me a lot longer then it should have *smirk* I wanted then to "mean" something or have a "meaning" behind them. I am suppose to pick others, but I think, The Buck STOPS here! Anyone that I think of, has already been chosen. I always say, "Always a day late and a dollar short"!

Other then getting my kiddies ready for school, just the normal everyday things going on. Not much time for anything lately. Boo hoo. I will start to have more time...or so I hope. I know I have had many requests for new patterns and they are in the works...so do be patient. I hope you all have had a great weekend thus far...not to forget, many have tomorrow off as well. Not me, I will be working. Enjoy the rest of your Labor Day weekend. Many Smiles to you, ~Tonya

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Anonymous said...

Its great to read more about you Tonya. Thanks, Khris (Sew Prim)