So VERY Sweet...

Here is the story...Pea of "Pea Picker's Primitives", starts out by telling a "little white lie"! This went on for over a month! She told me she was working on another Cornelia dollie for her craft show. In the mean time, it was my birthday and she sent a couple of cards (what I thought were very sweet). So then she went on to tell me, I am sending you some wool roving, for fun and some material. I told her she didn't have too. She insisted....so she told me, I sent out the roving, material...oh and some room spray...

A BIG box came yesterday! The mailman had to bring it up the driveway (living in the country and all). Immediately, I thought of Pea and what has she done now?? I opened it up and it had that colorful crinkle shredded paper and she wrote TADA! Gotch ya! Happy Late Birthday Read card First! It was like Christmas and all the while, I had the biggest smile on my face. No friend, had ever done such a sweet gesture like that for me before!

Cornelia was only the topping on the cake...so to speak! The box seemed to be bottomless! She gave me the sweet dollie, a wonderful very old wooden dough bowl (which I Love), Cinnamon Bun room spray, several roving colors, a piece of material, like what my dollie is wearing, some Witches hair moss, a little note pad, a candy corn ornie, a little craft for the kids, a can of fancy cat food (for Lulu & Kinko) and dog treat biscuits (for Coco & Kali)!! Wow!

I of course, thought to myself immediately, I have to call her! I Thanked her and then I chewed her out! LOL....for so much and for the so called "Little white lie". I will treasure my dollie and dough bowl....Always! Thank you so much Pea. You are always so kind and thoughtful.

The kids had a good day of school....a couple of "snags", you might say *smirk* They have quite a long bus ride. It being the first day, the buses were running late. Jordan missed the transfer bus at the High School, to take him to the Middle School. He was about 40 minutes late, See the bus was late getting to the High School and the transfer bus had already left.

Courtney and Sydney were about 25 minutes late. Courtney said, she took Sydney to her class. I Thanked her....I said, wasn't there anyone outside to help when the bus got to school. She said no. I said, what would Sydney have done...without Courtney being there. She would have been so very scared and crying. I am so Thankful that Courtney was there to help her baby sister. Sydney LOVES School!

Everything ended up ok. I hope today goes smoother and the bus does not run late. With each passing day, it should get easier. Sydney this morning...Why do we have to get up so early? I said, you have too. She said, I wish it could be like preschool and start after lunch! From the mouths of babes....so very sweet!

I hope you all have a great day. I plan on getting much done today! ~Tonya


Pea said...

Oh you are most welcome my dear!! Now go fluff the gals hair. She really isn't a pea doll unless she has horns! LOL I wake up with them every morning. Curly hair and all.
Katie's first day not so well either. It will get better. Hugs to all

Lorraine said...

What a sweet dollie! What a wonderful surprise!!! hope the kids are getting back into the school groove:o)!

Annie said...

ooooo White Lies! Tsk tsk
What an adorable dollie and wonderful surprises....How sweet of Pea to do that!!
The picture of the kiddies is soooo cute....(Jordan is handsome, sorry Jordan -I said cute)lol
I hope they are having a good school transition...and learn lots!
I think I heard your mom say she was paying big bucks for A's this year!! whoohooo...
laffn- Annie

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Pea Sounds Like a great friend to have! How fun is that to get a care package in the mail~