Happy Birthday Sydney!!!

My Little Baby is 6 today!! A Great BIG Happy 6th Birthday to Sydney! She was so cute today...we went and picked out cupcakes for her class tomorrow and she acted like it was the biggest decision of her life. Too cute. Awww to be little again...

We will Celebrate her birthday, with just us today and on Sunday with the extended family, at a park. It is going to be a beautiful day! So that is always nice. We always make a cake or something like that on their birthdays, for just us at home and Sydney wants good Ole Chocolate Cookies. So after school, we will be baking cookies. Yummy!

I have been very busy writing up the directions to NEW Patterns! YAY!! I know it has been a while, so I am going to hit you with at least 6! Yes, I said 6. I have been a busy bee. I was hoping to have them finished this week, but it may be next week. We will see how it goes. The paper pattern will be ready maybe this weekend...if I push it. The epatterns need to be sent out and then returned to me. So that takes a bit of time and she no longer works weekends (which I can understand), so you will have to be patient.

Any who, I hope you all have a Wonderful day! I am sure we will too. Until Next Thyme, you take care of you and yours. ~Tonya


Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Happy belated Birthday Miss Sydney! Tonya your new patterns are just magically beautiful as always! Hope you have a great weekend.


Pea said...

She looked tooo cute. Hope it was the best day sweet heart!