Our 13th Year Anniversary...

A picture of Darrel and I, 13 Years ago, right after we lite our "Unity" Candle. Wow, 13 years have already gone by since we said, "I Do". My how time flies. There are parts of that day, that I will never forget...but then there are parts of that day, that are such a "fuzzy haze", that I can not remember.

We have been together for so many years, that we finish each others sentences or thoughts. How neat is it that when you and I, become a "we" and so much more. To have someone to share your life with, is only the beginning.

Marriage is so much more. To share all of it. Not just the good times or the happy times...but there are times in every ones lives that you have to face, whether you would like to or not. Together, with someone that you love, it seems to be a bit easier, when the going gets "rough".

So, here is to many more years together........we have been through so much together, that without one another, I don't think that we would be the same people we are today. With each stone we have turned, with each mountain we have climbed...he gives me "strength" when I can not seem to find it and I give him a "push", when he needs it. We are good by ourselves, but "together", we are better. Here is to "Growing Old together".......The Best is yet to be!

Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Annie said...

awwww how sweet...Congratulations! I wish you many many more!!
Beautiful pictures of you two...
{Darrel I don't know about that "mullet" tho!} LOL
I hope you both have a wonderful day...Hugs Annie

Pea said...

You haven't changed a bit. You don't even look older. Gosh, What a beautiful wedding. Did you know that a wedding with blue in it is meant for the irish and very good luck. All the weddings I have known that had blue lasted forever.
Here is to many more. May your happiness always outway the bad.
p.s. I was thinking about that Mullet there Darrel! Dude!

Lorraine said...

Happy Anniversary, Tonya!:o)

CraBBy GaBBy said...

Huh..I though I posted a comment..? oh well. Wonderful. Here is to many joyfilled years ahead. with much heartfelt regards.Heidi

Khris said...

I love you blog and all the things you make. Even though you dont know me I have nominated you for another Tag game. Please visit
Hugs, Khris
Sew Prim Friends

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much for all of your kind words.

We had a wonderful Anniversary.