First Day of School...

The First Day of School for my kiddies! So excited and nervous. Little Miss Sydney was just tickled pink! Her very first day of Kindergarten! She kept saying, "When is the bus coming". It always takes the bus driver's a couple of days, to get on track.

Jordan said, "I can't wait for summer!" He on the other hand, does not like school. He is going to "Middle School" and I think he is feeling a bit "lost". I hope he adapts well. And then Courtney, she just loves school! She was on the "countdown" long ago. She could not wait for school to start. I hope they have a GREAT DAY!

CRAZY CAT Lulu...at it again! He adore's small spaces. Anytime a little box is laying around or anything....he hops right in and makes himself at home. My son was getting his gym shoes ready for school and Lulu made a nice little bed. *smirk* too cute! Even when we play scrabble, we put the lid on the floor.....he hops right inside. Crazy cat!

Well, today is going to be quite for me. Very different and on a daily basis, WOW! Some real "ME" time, if I take it? I tend to always see the things that need to be done and do them. Very rarely, do I do things just for me. I can play catch-up. I am behind a bit on some handmades and special orders that I took a while ago. I never knew how much work is would be to get 3 children ready for school...now I can relax. Ya right! Back to work. See ya later, Gater. ~Tonya

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CraBBy GaBBy said...

aww, The pic is so wonderful..Gorgeous children. How exciting all 3 gone..I could not even imagine! Poor Sophia has yet to start pre-school she is on the waiting list..and every day she would run out and try to get on the bus with the kids. I think boys don't enjoy shcool as much..Christopher is the same way, and of course Gabby loves to go. Take a little time to "breath" sip some hot coffee or tea, sit back and relax. Just for a wee bit anyways. You will feel rejuvinated then back to the daily grind!
Have fun