~Lucinda~ Devious She-Devil!

Here she is!! I am very Pleased with her. I named her ~Lucinda~ She turned out even better...then I had Imagined. I was worried at many points, when creating Lucinda. She is just so very different for me. She has a way about her. I even did some research on Lucifer, The Fallen Angel...and have added that to my listing on eBay...

I really love the way her eye's turned out. I was worried, because they were angled so much. I added a ton of detail to her. I think that is the best part! Her "Flaming Cape" is so very neat. I don't know where that came from *smirk* I put my ol thinking cap on, for this dollie.

Don't forget about Ava Grace's Silent Auction. It started today and I have got my bid on some of the handmades. It really is such a wonderful thing that these gals have done. So, do be sure you go and take a look and put your bids in.

This week I hope to put my nose to the "grind stone" and get some *NEW* patterns together. I have been "slacking" a little bit in that area. My mind will probably wonder, as I have so many dollies "Dancing around" in my head. No rest for the Wicked, or so the say. I hope you all have yourselves a splendid week. Smiles & Blessings ~Tonya


Susan Walker said...

Oh...she is wonderful T! You've really outdone yourself with this one...wishing you tons and tons of bids! Susan

ElisabethB said...

This nice Lucinda is completly "craquante" (in french). Her face is turning out totally !!

Annie said...

She is perfectly sinful!

Beautiful work!!!!!!

CraftyeLadyeCreations said...

I think Lucinda is fabulous and her expression is perfect.


Hallowed Hill Primitives said...

She gives "the devil made me do it" new meaning. She's terrific Tonya.........wishing you many bids!!


Lorraine said...

She is wickedly WONDERFUL!!:o)

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much for all of the Wonderful comments.

I sure appreciate it gals!