Done with my Dollie...

I have worked several days on my dollie and I am done!! I was up until almost 3 am last night working on her and then almost the entire day today. She is so totally different then what I normally make...but I am so very pleased with her.

So, I will be listing her tomorrow evening, on eBay. Other then that, it was a pretty "normal" day around here. It was very chilly this morning...it dipped down into the low 30's! Way toooo cold for this time of year.

On another note, the "Silent Auction" for Ava Grace starts tomorrow. Please find the link, on the upper right corner. There are over 70 artist that have donated an offering. I was so busy, I had asked to be able to donate a dollie....but I was late (my own fault) and they said it would just be wonderful to be "supportive" on the other side. So, I will be bidding. I am sure there will be some absolutely wonderful handmades and I can not wait to see the lovelies!

Be sure to go and check out the Auction! It starts tomorrow, Sept. 16! Have a Wonderful evening. Many Blessings to you, ~Tonya

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