YAY...I get to PLAY!!!

I finished my Custom Order yesterday and is getting sent out today!! Yay!! Now, I get to play. I have a dollie that has been calling my name. She is "begging" me to bring her to Life. She has been gnawing at me in my mind, since ~Baniculla Bat~

So, today packing and getting a few things done around the olde homestead and then my dollie for ebay! Then....on to some new patterns. So much playing to do and so little time. Yes, I call that playing because I do get a little nervous and so forth with special orders, I am only human *smirk* When I can do my handmades freely, it flows so much easier. That enables my creativity and then I have so much fun. I am Thankful for orders and so forth, I just think I am my worst critic is all...

My kiddies have adapted and adjusted well...for the most part. Jordan has even been coming home and talking about school, so that is a plus! Courtney, she is just a natural at Lovin School, so that is a good thing and then there is Little Miss Sydney...she came home from school the second day and said "I lost a tooth", we knew it was loose. I asked where she lost it at, she said Courtney hit her in the mouth and it feel out on the bus. It was by accident and she was so very happy. Sydney said, "Now the Tooth Fairy can come". So cute....the "Tooth Fairy" came and she already spent the money...

OK folks, I am off to pack order, some supplies and my swap gift. I forgot to tell ya all about our swap! I am so excited! In out TDIPT Group, we are having a swap and mine will be here soon from Texas (Stacie, from The Shepard's Gift). This is going to be so much FUN! You all have yourselves a Grand day!! Blessings & Smiles, ~Tonya


Lorraine said...

Good for you! You deserve to play:o)! I can't wait to see what you're dreaming up next!
So glad the kids are liking school!

Pea said...

YES< get her done . My mouth is dry and I could use a drool! LOL

Dana said...

Hey Tonya!

Can't wait to see what you're up to there girl ... :)

I'm itchin' to play myself. Have to get set up again, tho ... LOL!

Hope things are WELL ... talk to you soon!!!