~So Busy~

Here is a small peek at the Rabbit doll, my son made. He has been really busy with it (driving me a bit batty), and he has it listed to start on ebay, this evening. Yes, I am PROUD of him, but it is very time consuming. I do "nag" at him, to get it just right. *smirk* This time he wants to save up money for a lap-top, so "Wish him Luck" on his auction.

Lately, I have not been getting a whole lot done. With Ninny being sick for two days, it sure through a wrench into my best laid plans. Ninny is feeling much better (Thank you for the well-wishes) and is back at school today. I only have two things for Spooky Time Jingles (which updates tonight) and some clays heads sitting there, looking at me. I so wanted to finish them.

Then Jordan had a GRAND PLAN of moving into the basement...so, he is on the move and making a mess every inch of the way. I of course had to help him. That is okay. He is 13 (will be 14 in Aug.) and he wants his privacy, from his sisters. So, do you know what this means for me???? A STUDIO!!!! No more working at the kitchen table and spilling over into the dining room. No more embarrasing looks, when peole come and ask why all of my "stuff" that I work with, is in my kitchen. But, do you also know what this means??? TONS AND TONS of work!

Jordan said he would help me move all the junk upstairs and I am sure the girls will help too. He is is a BIG hurry and I can't figure out why. This was all his idea and he is so very sweet to think of me. I had not even thought of using his bedroom for my studio, when he asked to move into the basement...he is the one that thought of it.

Today, I have to pick up my kiddies from school, register Jordan for High School, and Ninny has a Math and Munchies night. Busy, busy, busy. I then, am going to work at my sister's store tomorrow and all this while "fighting" a cold (leave it to my asthma to flare up, just when I DON'T need it too). I have the scratchy thoat, watery eyes, coughing and conjestion in my chest...JOY! I must get moving. I am a regular chatter box today. I will post more pics of Jordan's rabbit later, when the auction starts. Tata for now kiddies and have a good day. ~Tonya


Kath said...

WOW-that's awesome! He did a great job!
I wish him the Best of Luck...by looks of his work-he'll be getting that laptop very soon! ;)

have a wonderful evening.

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Busy lady...and isn't it exciting that he made the bunny to help pay for a laptop!! That is initiative!!

Love your two bunnies you got done for STJ!!

Have a great weekend and stay warm!

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Tonya, He did a wonderful job on it very cute . I hope he gets lots of bids on it . That is so nice you will be able to have your own studio now . I finally got mine when we bought our house 4 years ago and it makes a big difference so nice to have a place to organise everything and just leave your work without having to worry about it. It is lots of work putting it together but you will have fun in there creating .Your own little world :)

The bunny nodder and box are Adorable as always , neat idea with the music love that.I think I need to get one of your patterns out and play this week-end .

Have fun moving things around and have a good week-end.