I am a Knuckle-Head!

Happy Valentine's Day! I was in a Swap for Valentine's Day with the "Prim Whimsy Girls", well, Pea and I were matched up, to swap with one another. The deadline was the 7th, but of course, we "pushed" it to the 10th (which was on Monday, the 7th was on a Saturday and noone likes going in to the post office early on a Saturday). Monday came and went and Pea asked, "Did you get your swap out?", Nope and I bet you didn't either, I said? She laughed. Nope, she didn't either.
I said, it has been "fighting" me, "Tooth & Nail" and it WILL BE OUT TOMORROW (Tuesday, the 11th...just in time for Valentine's Day, right?). Well, I sent her package out and I also wrapped up a few other things, along with my Daisy Mae Dollie, that Jenny of Wonders of Whimsy purchased. They both received their packages yesterday and well, Pea was freaking out and called my house and called my cell...said that her card on top was addressed to JENNY!!!

I had hoped I only messed up on the card...my heart sank! Nope, I sent the wrong package, to the wrong person!! I felt horrible. I was gone all day (at my sister's store) Jenny had written me and told me the same thing....she had written a very sweet email and was very understanding,.

Since this did happen, I am glad that it happened to these to gals...as they are both so sweet and understanding. Pea, wrapped the package back up and got it out ASAP (she had Jenny's address). Jenny did not have Pea's address, otherwise she have sent it out yesterday. Jenny said she would send it out today.

Thank you to both of you! I had to pay shipping twice, but so glad that Both packages are to their RIGHT destinations!

I must go, I will be back later with pics from my swap, from Pea. I have already written a NOVEL! My gosh. Have a great Valentine's Day! Toddles, ~Tonya


Kim Mailliard of Prim's by Kim said...

Whew! And I thought I was the only one to ever send the item to the wrong person LOL At least your gal friends are sweet and understanding =D

Now, dont let it happen again!! *smirk*

Jenny said...

You are welcome, hon. Thanks for sharing, I got about as far as pulling the ribbon of the wrapping and realized that is was not my dollie...she did not have a flat bottom..heehee...so I did not open it all the way...I could have I supposed, to take a peak, but I did not. She is darling and Pea is fortunate to have you swap with her...how nice!

She went out first thing this morning.

It happens, I wondered when it would happen to me. LOL Not yet!

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Happy Valentine's Day Tonya!! Your just humon hon we can all be a knuckle head once in a while I am almost everyday Hee Hee .They are beautiful :)I have almost done that before I got all the way to the post office with a couple packages and while standing in line I realised I had put the labels on the wrong ones. So I had to run back home and redo them good thing there were long lines that day lol :)

Have a good week-end


Phillane E'lee said...

Hey T~
I know it isn't nice to laugh but it happens to the best of us. No problem. I was just glad that I could help in a small way. At least I got to see that sweet Dolly of Jenny's. She is so much sweeter in person! Just love the little dear.
Have a wonderful V day my friend.
All is well that ends well.