A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister KIM!!! I hope your birthday is a good one. Go and do something **SPECIAL** just for you!

Here are a couple more pictures of Jordan's bunny-rabbit. He has him listed on ebay...for only 3 days. It will end on Sunday evening. I think he did such a wonderful job on it...he makes me PROUD! This sewing is something he can take "with him" and use it for a lifetime...

I had to take pictures inside, but they turned out okay. I wish Jordan Luck! Also, Spooky Time Jingles updated! We have the Holiday Hootenanny that appeared again, with Spring/Easter things on some of the artists pages. I did not finish up my Halloween things...Life got in the way.

Friday the 13th today, are you superstitious? Do you believe that things out of the ordinary happen on this day. Me, I believe that we do "set ourselves up" in a way. So, I guess I may be a non-believer? Any who, have a great day and I hope you don't see any black cats or walk under any ladders.

Last night Jordan helped me get some of my "packaging" area organized. We set up a gondola unit and I feel that we accomplished quite a bit. It is in the basement and I didn't have it organized, it was just all piled on a table. WOW, what a difference shelves make! Maybe when I get the area all done, I will share pics with you...we shall see.

I must go. I have to get to my sister's store....more NEW product. I woke up quite "stuffy" this morning, but I hope if I keep moving, this cold (or whatever it is) will not "set-in" to bad. I hope you all have a GRAND Friday! Toodles, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

He did such a great job. I hope he does well.

PS.the link did not work for me.

Have a good weekend

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

cute bunny..not superstitious as I have a black cat and I went out shopping yesterday...have a great VD day...:)