We sure did get SNOW!! We received so much snow, there was NO SCHOOL for my kiddies today. I also had to CANCEL the Vet appointment for that little calico kitty-cat that we are fostering. So, I was a bit upset about that. I wanted her to go to the vet, to be checked, get her shots and also get spayed/declawed. Yes, she is getting de-clawed too. We are paying for that portion of it. They told me that was not covered by the Humane Society.

I talked to them about de-clawing and they said, they would give us the same discount, they would give the Humane Society. I feel if she is to get adopted, it would be better to have her declawed. I think her chances of being adopted would be better. Plus, if someone adopts her and then wanted her declawed, she would have to go through that much more pain and go under again.

These are the pictures I was finally able to take of her, so that they can post them...for adoption. I think her name should be "Missy". Short for MISUNDERSTOOD and also MISCHIEF. Ya all have seen her getting into her mischief, but she really is a very nice cat, just misunderstood. I honestly think she would work better for a family without smaller children.

She has taken to me, but is still a bit leary of me at times. She runs for the hills, whenever the kids are around. She comes out during the day and in the evening, when it is just her and I. I thought since she was younger, she would adapt faster then what she is. Something very terrible must have happened to her. I thought we would have gained more ground by now and she would be more trusting by now. I guess we have some major walls to break down. She is a very beautiful kitty thou. We just have to take it day by day.

Other then keeping warm. The kids keeping me on my toes and trying to get work done, that is all I have done for today. I hope ya'all have had a great day. Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Well, I hope she becomes more adjusted. Declawing her could be devastating since she is a bit scared already. Maybe it is good she has more time to acclimate before she has to go to the vet.

I have learned that it is best for a cat to acclimate in one room and then periodically spend more time in that room with her. Sharing treats to get her to come to you, then slowy petting....anyway that was all on a ferrel rescue site.

I wish you luck with her...she sure is beautiful!~

Bren said...

Such a pretty kitty, I hope she finds a good home. Your snow picture is so pretty, but glad I'm not in snow, giggle.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tonya,
I was sick all last week and am just now getting caught up on everyones blogs.
Love your journals and your new patterns.
The kitty you are fostering looks so sweet. My sister is fostering a 2 kitties right now. And my daughter just took in a stray that she is going to keep. It is so sad to see these kitties put out in the cold to fend for themselves. Just breaks my heart.
I'm so sorry to hear about your bunny. Losing a family pet is so hard. I hope your children are doing alright. Our l1 year old Yorkie-Po has an enlarged heart and congestive heart failure...and I know the day is coming that we will have to say goodbye.
Wishing you Christmas Blessings.

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Such a sweet kitty, I think she would be a calico? Very pretty...I hope she finds a wonderful home:)

Pea said...

Missy is sweet. Just really been hurt poor thing. Time will heal those wounds.
Sorry for the snow. Pray we don't get any till after Sunday! My last show and if snow cancelled. I will cry.
Have a good one. TTYL.

Pixie said...

I love this little baby, and if I weren't all the way across the world, she could have a home with me! I have recently adopted a kitty from a rescue, and he is fitting in prefectly here. We have all sorts at out house...timid ones, wild ones and friendly ones...but they are all loved equally.

BTW...I love your blog...

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hey Tonya,
here are my thoughts on declawing your cat..first of all it is painful...take your first knuckle and chop it off..secondly if they decide she should be an outside cat..she has lost 2 defense mechanisms...we had our cat declawed and spayed at the same time..and we would never declaw another cat again...Just a thought from someone who has done this...what are the vets thoughts on this? seriously..if you are still sold on this..they have 2 different procedures one where they remove the entire nail and the other is just clipping the tendon that retracts the nail..the nail stays but they can't stick them out unless you do it for them to say trim their nails...just giving you the facts that is all..she is beautiful...wish I could take her in..we have 8 already...Take care and enjoy your "snow day"
Gina ;)

Sue said...

Well we sure did get some snow...Faribault didn't get as much as you did...Maybe a couple inches less..My dear granddaughters hubby keeps my long driveway plowed, which helps so much...We had school here....There would have to be a foot of snow for them to close schools...I wish I could have a kitty, but my lab and springer just don.t get along with kitties...Have you entered my giveaway yet?....At least we don't have to dream about a white Christmas...

KernowWitch said...

Poor Missy, hopefully with the right person she will become less scared. One of my rescued cats took about 2 years to completely trust us, now she is a proper little madam...lol...Sorry to hear about your bunny....Hugs Chrissy

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Hi Tonya ~ I had a cat years ago and gave him to a no kill shelter, as when I had my first, he got terribly mean. He was an indoor outdoor kitty and I decided against declawing. I was also told that cats that are declawed will bite and kick with their back claws. I agree with Jenny and feel it may make her more upset. It may be more difficult for her if someone adopts her that keeps her inside and out, as she will not be able to defend herself as well declawed... I don't know... just a thought and of course, your decision. I wish you well with her until she is adopted... xox

Shay said...

OH WOW, she looks just like my calico, same colors! She is beautiful! Wow I'm just amazed at how much my Flower really favors Missy, we got her when we were first married and lived up east. She was beaten and malnurished! She has short stubby legs and just kept headbutting me! I knew she wanted us to take her home! She's my baby! I just hate that people treat animals badly! You are so wonderful to take her in! I'm sure she'll get use to the kids and in no time be sitting on laps.

Have a wonderful day!
Many hugs,

~Tonya said...

Thank you for your comments and such...

Yes, I have talked to the vet and the Humane Society on all of it. We have 3 male cats already and have had every single one of them nuetered and declawed. We had both procedures, done at the same time to each cat.

King, the one that was a WILD stray...that we took into our home, was 2 to 3 years old and we had that done too. He adapted just fine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinon of course, but if I am to keep my sanity and foster this little kitty, she needs to be declawed. I will not have a kitty cat destroy my funiture, among other things.

Stipulations for adopting this kitty will be, stictly an INDOOR cat, through the Humane Society.

Although, when I was a young child, we did have a cat that we adopted and he was an indoor, outdoor cat to begin with...when we adopted him and contiued on when we took him in and he was just fine.

I do understand what you are all saying and I am sure it is painful and it does take some of their defense away, but they do use laser treatment and it is less invasive and heals rather quickly. They are not pulling her nails out.

She is coming around quickly and is doing just fine....as I said, day by day.

With that being said, Thank you for stopping by and for your opinons. I just thought I would put the facts and my opinon out there too :) Have a great day.


kaniki's Inspirations said...

Hi Tonya!! Oh that picture of the snowflakes are gorgeous!! We're in for some snow today!!

The kitty is adorable- but she does look like she's got michief written all over her!! Luck with your kitty therapy:)

So sorry to hear of your bunny too!! How sad!! I just wish our critters would live as long and healthy as we do- as they bring so much joy to our lives... Every time I lose a furry friend- I swear I won't get another one- but I just can't help it!! Life is empty without them!!

Well- love all your new goodies- and as always look forward to seeing what's new:)


Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Good luck with Missy...our calico is the older, "I will smack you in the head" adopted mother to our two younger Monkey-Cats. I'm so glad we have her to do part of the kitten behavior correcting that needs to happen on a regular basis. She flashes me a look when they do something naughty and if I don't get on them about it, she does. She is a great cat!!

She started like Missy so look out!

Monkey-Cats Studio said...

Me again...I just gave you a blog award. Come get it if you have time, if not I understand!!