~2 NEW Patterns & feeling Disconnected~

I FINALLY finished up my two patterns, that I said I would have done a couple of weeks ago. This sweet little Snowfolk is from last year and I have had many requests for this guy and I am glad that I can finally share it with you. Here is the link to Patternmart. I only have it on Patternmart at the moment...

And here is the other pattern that I finished...My Sweet Lil Belsnickle Santa. Here is the link to Patternmart for this one. And of course if you do not want to purchase them through Patternmart, you can always email me at dandtturvold@deskmedia.com or backporchpickins@yahoo.com

I was feeling a bit disconnected this weekend, I was without my internet for a couple of days and I could not email anyone back, no posts to my blog and I could not even send out invoices for my items that sold on ebay.

We started to finally decorate for Christmas this weekend. We have to finish putting the lights and ornaments on the tree this evening. We are behind, but we will get there. All in time. I will also post a peek of my Newest Journal today or tomorrow......it will be listed on Spooky Time Jingles and I hope to try to make something else for Spooky Time, but time is running out.

I hope you all have a great day. I must get to work and I have to also package up some things and run to the post office. Toodles for now, ~Tonya


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

That's what I keep telling myself too...that I'll get there:)

Doreen said...

Love your new patterns Tanya..and it's funny how disconnected we do feel when our internet is down :)

I'm decorating slowly..I've got the outside lights up and this weekend i will do the inside and we will trudge out into the woods to find our tree on Sunday. :)

Have a wonderful day

From A Creative Heart said...

Sweet, sweet patterns!!! I just finished my last show of the season, and am stitched out for the moment!!! LOL I know I will be picking them up in January when I start planning for the next year.
Have a great week!!!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

Your patterns are so nice Tonya... love your work! xox