I listed these two on ebay last night, right after my handmades listed on my Selling Blog.....then, I was knocked off line again! I am getting very, very frustrated with it. I didn't even have dial-up. I have not had dial up (as a back-up) for a couple of months now. I don't much like dial-up, but I tell ya, it is better then nothing at all....

Both are listed for 5 days, to end on Sunday evening. I listed Merry Olde Soul, as a Buy it Now, so that if someone does want him for Christmas, they could purchase him and I could get him all packaged up and sent out priority...

I have much to do...I have not worked on anything for quite some time now. I must get busy. I was taking care of Ninny, the kitty and having a bit of a pitty party around here. Seems as if I am the only one around this house that have "limbs" that "function"...so, I have been a bit out of sorts lately and shedding a few tears. Not that ya'all wanted to know that...but thought I would share my past couple of days. So, with that being said, I hope to move past my sheer frustration and get some things done.

It is suppose to move above zero today (knock on wood) we shall see. At least the sun is SHINNING and that helps out so much. Have a grand day, ~Tonya


basketsnprims said...

Tonya, I hope you can cheer up. I know when I get in a slump, it's so hard to get going. We have had super cold weather here, too, with lots of snow & ice. Good day to be in creating & baking cookies. Take care.


Janelle said...

wonderful work as always Tonya..
Well the sun's out here too, but it's in the 80's and I'm about to cook to death!!! I'd love to have a few days of cooler weather..
I gave you an award on my blog, so pop over and pick it up :)


albasworld said...

Remember Tonya that women are the gatherers and the doers of the world. It's a hard and self sacrificing job and thankless at that but if not for us - who would do it?

Not that there aren't some men who do out there, but in general. So hang in there sweetie - there is a reason for all this, I'm sure. And, you do it so well - so shed the tears, they are good for you and keep it together and going for you have the inner strength needed. I know of what I speak, believe me.

Hugs, alba

Heidi said...

I occasionally suffer from seasonal mood disorder in the winter. Not sure if it affects you although with hoping it gets above zero I'm guessing it might. Don't forget to sit by the window to get some light in your system. It does really help. What made my day today, 19 degrees and very sunny, was a walk through a local greenhouse. Poinsettias were everywhere in every color but off to the side were small little starts of geraniums. The smell of soil and living green plants filled my nose and it reminded me that spring will come and life will get easier. As for you thinking that you're the only one with limbs I can sympathize with you. There must be 20 pairs of dirty white socks all over my house and I am refusing to pick them up.

My Little Raggedy Blessings said...

Love them both Tonya,hope it warms up a bit for you soon .


Penny @ Miss Pootsie's Primitives said...

Tonya dear, I couldn't sympathize more! It seems like sometimes all I do is work!
I miss my Momma (who is in Arkansas) and I miss my Daddy (who is w/ the Lord)...all in all it makes me shed a few tears too.
Bless your heart, I think we are entitled to cry if we need to. The alternative is swelling up w/ held in tears and blowing up in some goofy direction that we shouldn't have.
I love all your stuff. That Santa is just gorgeous! I hope your days get brighter and your happy meter kicks into high!