~Minnesota Winter~

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Tomorrow is the first day of winter, but we have had winter here, in Minnesota for a while. Yesterday school was canceled...we received about 8+ inches of snow...
This picture is out my back window. You can normally see beyond the trees and across the field. We are in for more! I hope we escape some of it. My sister and my Mom were traveling in this and they said the closer they traveled to my area, the worse it got. Single lane driving my sister said...glad they both made it to their destinations safely. I am not going out today!
This is out my front window and you can not even see my driveway. You can normally see for miles across the drive. Yesterday was suppose to be my day to do my last minute shopping and get baking ingredients. I had most of the stuff for baking, but still needed some. Here, shelves sure are getting picked over.

I ended up taking the kids with me.....so much for that last minute shopping for them. I hope I can go some other time before Christmas. I didn't want to be out in the "Rat Race" any later then yesterday. On Thursday evening I was baking cookies for Jordan to take to school.....needless to say, they didn't have school---so we have lots of cookies! *smirk*

I did hit Jo-ann's yesterday. How could one not? They have a TON of 50% off Coupons and I used a good portion of them, on things that I need in the future. Not big ticket items, just small things. I did get a little storage things for my little charms/beads and such and that made me re-organize my whole work area in my kitchen. I try to keep it organized, since it is in the open. But when I am working like a crazy women at times....that area is hard to keep clean. People just have to understand, that is my work space and Thank goodness for Dining room tables.

I must get busy and get some things done. I told the kids on their days off, after Christmas we are going through and deep cleaning each room. Oh what Fun! But it must be done. Besides, they can help and it is good for them. I have grown to "lax" with them helping and it is time I take the "reigns" back. Have a great weekend. Toodles for now....I will keep my finger's crossed that I will still have my internet through all of this. ~Tonya


basketsnprims said...

Tonya, at least you get to enjoy some of those homemade cookies. I know what you mean about Minnesota winters, we are in norhtern Mi. & a snow belt to boot, so right now we have more snow that I can remember in years for a December. I have a 50% off coupon for Joannes that I'm using on Monday. I wish you & your family a very Merry Christmas.


Janelle said...

Brrrrrrrrrr! As I told Audrey when she posted pics of the snowstorm in NY - I sure wish we'd at least get a little cooler temps down here!
That first pic reminds me of one of Fleetwood Mac's first albums - Bare Trees..
Enjoy the time with your kids while they're out of school, coz you'll blink, and they'll be grown and gone...
Merry Christmas Tonya!


~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh how pretty Tonya, great pictures.
Merrie Holidays !~~Pam

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

These are breath taking photographs! Love your Blog! Happy Holidays.
I sure love Hilda Witch!

Pea said...

Good luck my friend. I am not going out again for awhile after getting my butt in the ditch today. No sir- re bob. My butt doesn't belong in the ditch! LOl durn snow. Come do my house after you are done with yours will ya. LOL