We went to the Devry farmhouse site today, where they are doing the "Extreme Makeover-Home Edition". It was neat to be right there. We were about 5 feet away from all the contracting trucks bringing in and taking out and they were digging out the basement area. I didn't know they took the basement out...it is amazing that they will be able to do the foundation, cement pouring and setting up the frame work....just all of it! It is just beyond me, how they get so much done, in such a short time.

They have a spectator area and at about noon, I guess Ty was running all around the area getting all of the spectators hyped up, right before demolition. I have heard, from start to finish, they only have 106 hours to complete one house. AMAZING! All of the "blue shirts", they are all volunteers. You would not believe how many there are. All of the construction crew and rigs out there, all donated...by our small local area. It is just simply amazing...yeah, I know I keep saying that. *smirk*

You would not believe the VIP area for friends and family. The tents and how they have furniture in them, very nice furniture. They had a big BBQ/smoker out there for the volunteers and all. It was just neat to be there. The kids said they want to go there everyday. I just may and have to take pictures and post them.

No, I did NOT get pictures today. My batteries (that are rechargeable) decided to not work at all today. I picked up a new set on Monday, but had not charged them yet, lesson learned! So, I am going to go out there during the day tomorrow, while the filming crew and so forth are there and maybe, just maybe I will get some pictures. You would have only seen a big hole in the ground today, with lots of trucks hauling.

I must go and make supper. I worked on my special order today and touched up some clay things. Clay is fun, but very slow going with all the "dry time". I put little ballarina shoes on my Gritty Jane dollie today too. She is coming right along. I hope ya all have a wonderful evening. Peaceful Blessings, ~Tonya


Pea said...

AWESOME. That would be soo neat to see right there.
Good for you and the kids. Now you have seen someone famous close up. tee hee
Have a good one hon and can't wait to see the clay.
Off to work with me. Getting lots done tonight.

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Tonya, or is it Geraldo Rivera live on Extreme Makeover..LOL..
That would be so exciting to see all that in action ! I can't wait to see your photos !

Have a fun day !


Char said...

oh how neat to see that first hand!....we'd love to see some pix as soon as you can!

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh how kewl. I hope yo uget some pictures to post soon. I love that show & Ty ;)