<><>Sneak Peek<><>

A Sneak Peek of my dollie...but only just a little portion of her. *smirk* She is so very sweet and I am very happy with her. She will be listed on ebay on tomorrow evening and to end on Sunday evening. She was so much fun to make and I am so glad I do not have to take pictures of her today...it is yucky, cold and raining out.

It has been raining the majority of the day. We were in the 70's on Saturday and Sunday, they were beautiful days, so this is rain today is okay. One thing positive about the rain, we still have green grass in October! Well, my work table needs cleaning and we are going to make some blue berry muffins, so I must go....oh and Happy Columbus Day to all and to my friends/customers in Canada, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Toodles, ~Tonya


Pam said...

Tonya can't wait to see your new dollie. They are aways wonderful. It has been in the high 70's here but the weekend is calling for low 60's and high 50's. Oh, no winter is coming.

have a wonderful evening.

hugs pam

Tallowberry said...

Tonya, I love the little tantalizing peek of your next Dollie, I know she'll be fabulous! Can't wait to see the whole picture.

By the way, it's in the 80's here.


Jenny said...

OOOH love the colors hon! I cannot wait to see her when she is finished.

Have fun!~