This is what I NEED!

I didn't sleep to good last night...Yesterday I kinked a muscle or two in my neck and it is very painful! I know how I did it too. I have a headset, for when I yack on the phone (that way it is hands free and I can still work or do whatever). I forgot to put it on the charger the night before, thus making it go dead, when I was on it yesterday....

So, my sister called and I was helping her with some things on her blog, well I was holding the phone, like most do, leaning your head to your shoulders...well this neck can not handle that I guess, because now I am in a "bind"!

Hubby rubbed my neck down with some "smelly stuff" and it is feeling better...so, I am sure I will be moving quite slow today and I will be smelling "minty" most of the day. LOL It won't keep me down, it will just slow me down a bit.

I must go, I have some doll parts calling my name. Tick Tock, the clock does not stop. Have a great day. ~Tonya

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Pea said...

Oh Tonya,
I am sorry sweetie. I wish I was closer. I have been told by many that I would be a great massage theropist.
My best friend gets a kink in her neck that her hubby can't reach cause he has big hands. I have little hands and am able to get the knots out.
Wish you could treat yourself to a good massage. It is wonderful. My work paid for mine when I got hurt. Makes ya feel like a wet noodle.
Hope ya feel better soon.