Move that BUS!!

Today was the day that the Devries seen their house...I heard they were over-joyed and very happy. I did not go and see it first hand...darn it. I wish I could have, but I would not venture out in this. It rained ALL day and is still raining now. It is only 48 degrees out and very cold and muddy. Some were stuck in the mud with their vehicles, I will watch the news tonight to see it and the show in Dec. (that is what we have been told). Today, I heard that they were packed in like sardines, cold, wet and it was a loooooong day for filming...
This was Ty moving furniture out of the truck on Monday (not my pictures). The cast had the spectators just a roaring for the cameras... The Albert Lea Tribune, our area paper took this picture and the one below...
And this is Ty on Monday, when he was handed the keys. Very sweet, see the butterfly tile on the sidewalk (Susan Devries made that, the Mom), Ty placed the butterfly tile in place and he said, this tile just made this house, a HOME. Very neat! I can't wait to watch the news tonight.

Other then that, not much going on in my neck of the woods, trying to get my special order done...almost done. YAY, knock on wood. I hope ya all have a good night and stay warm. Toodles, ~Tonya


Shay said...

This was SO neat! I just loved reading about it! Oh what a beautiful tile! I love the butterfly! Thanks again for sharing with us! Oh can't wait to see what you've created, I have a few special orders myself, yet here I sit! hehe! Okay off to work! Blessings & hugs,

Jenny said...

Gosh how did you get so many great picks~! Who needs to watch it now...just kidding. THe home is so pretty!

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Tonya !
Thank you for our insider tour and all the pictures of the Extreme Makeover home !.. I am going to have to make a point of actually watching this program ! ( I hardly ever watch tv )
I love the color of the house and the stone fireplace.. it's almost unbelievable that they can build a house in so short a time !..
Thanks again for sharing the pixs and info !
Your new clay over cloth dollie is really really beautiful !..

Huckleberry Arts said...

Wow wonderful to read all about this and see it!! The bird and Flower duct Tape where wonderful!!!

Thanks for sharing all this! Neat to see the behind the scenes

Have a beautiful day

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for sharing i've really enjoyed it, I've also just heard on the news that they will be in Pittsburgh soon, I doubt I'll go to cold for me too!

Country*Road*Primitives said...

I can't wait to see the episode Tonya! I will check back with you to see the exact date that it will air... GORGEOUS home - they are blessed!! I bet the whole town is so excited for them :) xox