Home Makeover Pictures...

I got pictures!! LOL This is what I first saw this morning at 10 am. Now, remember I was out there at about 4:30 yesterday and all there was, was a HOLE!! Digging out dirt. Well, they have spot lights and they work round the clock, NON-STOP! I was talking with one of the Security guards there (very nice man) and he travels with them. Told me a bunch about the show...I will share with you along the way. We will call him "Bob".

These pictures are unedited, because I was gone way longer then expected, so they might be huge, if you click on them, sorry. Don't have time to mess with them. This is the site and just part of the crew. The show came with 108 people and there are 800 volunteers. They actually have 2 extreme teams (I didn't know that). Ty was not there today...he was in Michigan, doing a "MOVE THAT BUS" with another family!

The bucket above, that is how they film. Polly is up in there, from the show. Pretty cool. He was wearing one of out city sweatshirts. It is the Albert Lea TIGERS. They had to keep re-shooting a roof truss this morning, re-did it about 20 times. When they finally got it, everyone clapped.

This is BOB, he goes to two different states a month and they do 30 houses a year. That is 30 LUCKY families. All of them deserving families or families in need. The Devries family, hubby has only one arm. Lost his arm right on this family farm. Wife, she has a heart condition. And they have 3 children. I guess they do a lot for the community and always help out. The house leaked, everytime it rained and had mold growing inside. Not good for someone with a heart condition. They are currently getting a weeks vacation in Niagra Falls. How neat is that?

And there is Tracy, part of the interior design team. Tiny little thing she is. She kept waving to Polly up above...they did that about 5 or 6 times, so I think that will be in the show, when they run it. I asked how they can set the footings and pour the cement so fast, because you need curing and drying time...answer: they use very expensive cement. Like the cement they use for run ways in airports and such. It drys (hardens) in like an hour, but it is still wet to the touch. They can walk right on it, after about an hour and start building the upper floor. AMAZING!

There is Polly, in the bucket. And there is the back of Tracy. It was cold on the overnight here, it got down to about 38 degrees. I know I was in a sweatshirt and jacket, but the morning sun, warmed it up very nicely. It is beautiful out now.

Most of the "brains" behind the scenes I guess. Bob told me it was the productions crew.

Here is just one of the VIP tents and that was separte from the others. They did not even let regular spectators go near it...
There are the other VIP tents. And KAAL New truck. I did see some of the anchors out there, from our local news. This is BIG NEWS for a small community.

Here is the site as I was walking out. The fencing runs along all of it, and keeps you back far enough for safety. They have check in sites and security all around.

And this is the field, you have to drive though to enter and leave. I suppose farmers around the area had to pull it out, to re-route all of this traffice. So, that was my morning at the "behind the scene" at the Devries Makeover. Pretty cool.

We seen on the news last night there is a CHALLENGE. Derek, one of the sons like to make things out of duct tape.....so the challenge is to make something for his room, out of duct tape. Tomorrow at 3 pm, Ty and the news crew, are all going to be there...along with the designer working on one of the room for Derek. They will choose some pieces for that. So, I was in town picking up duct tape.

Then, my sister called on the cell and asked if I was in town...yesssss I told her. She told me about a Silent Auction being held with local business' and asked if I would drop off a goodie basket from her store. So, there I go to do some more running. LOL I thought I would be gone about an hour, it turned into almost 3. So, I am out of time. The kids and I may go back around 5, by then they should have the windows in and the roof completely shingled. Siding tonight starts at 10 pm. Toodles for now kiddies. I hope you liked my tour. ~Tonya :)


Char said...

Oh how exciting!....can't wait to see more from your pix as it unfolds....we will see it before the rest of America does...LOL

Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...


You did a wonderful job of taking us all on location ! Excellent photos and description of the Extreme Makeover as the house comes together !.. Well, when Geraldo retires, Fox News can hire you ! :0) Thanks for sharing the photos ..that is just so exciting ! And what have you created with the duct tape.. I can't wait to see !

Hugs and a Happy Weekend !

Jan said...

Really interesting, Tonya. I have wondered how they put things together so quickly, even with the unlimited budget that they seem to have. Doing it 30 times a year surely helps too - practice! Thanks for taking us behind the scenes.

Big Brown Dog Primitives

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Oh wow this is so neat and how cool that you get to see if first hand ! I hope you get pictures of Ty!:)

Pam said...

THanks so much for posting this. That is very interesting. Did you get back out again. I think i would be checking it out everyday. You did a great job with the pictures!!!!

Hugs Pam

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Thanks for taking the pictures and telling us about how they do everything, I didn't know that they used cement like they do for the airports for these homes:)

Dawn Of The Forgotten Barn said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour of the extreme home makeover, great job!
I have given your blog an award, you can get it at: