~Sweet Hilda Witch~

Meet ~Sweet Hilda Witch~ I LOVE her! I am very partial to All Hallow's Eve dollies...but this little gal, I am completely satisfied with her and I do not say that much. She has already stolen my heart. I think I have gotten All Hallow's Eve out of my system now.....well, I hope so anyways *smirk* Now on to spring dollies and such...

I could not take pictures outside today...a nice day, but very windy. "Knock on wood", a nice day, with SUN! It is in the 70's I do believe. Hilda will be listed on eBay starting Tuesday evening and ending Sunday evening. I had almost forgotten how much I liked my hand painted eyes on my dollies too. I have been using glass and I must admit, I like the glass eyes for a different look every now and then, but love my painted eyes too...

I made for Hilda, a paper clay cauldron...too much work I tell ya. Hilda is loaded with charcter and detail. I can always get lost in the details. Her arms are wired, so that she may hold her cauldron. I even made a little stirring stick...no witch would be complete without :)

This weekend we rearranged and cleaned. I think we have been bitten by the "Spring Cleaning" bug. I get a wild hair and go on a cleaning spree...I can get lots done, when I am in that mode. I must go, tick tock, tick tock! Now I must work feverishly on some new things for the Mercantile. Have a great day! Toodles, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

OMG Tonya! I love your witch! She is so much fun. I am hoping to work on a witch as soon as I get more Americana done. I bought so much star material, I need to do at least one or two more before I can start Halloween...:) but I cannot wait!

If I were rich, I would buy Hilda and add her to my collection...unfortunately, I need to start making money instead of spending it.

I cannot wait for your spring dollies, to. I love pastel colors!



Suzanne said...

Tonya~ Thanks for visiting my blog today. I'd love some of your warm weather please! We were in the 40's today! Cute new doll, I'm sure she will do well for you!

Pocket Full of Prettys said...

Hilda is so cute, I love her eyes. I noticed her eyes right away, before I even read about you painting them. Her eyes are sweet & soulful! Hugs***Renea

Pea said...

She is darling!!! OMG girl that is the sweetest face on a witch I have ever seen. I love the cauldron instead of your typical broom. You get better with each creation.
Have a good one and can't wait to see what you do next.
Off to clean and create.

Ms Dragonfly said...

love that witch!!

~Tonya said...

Thank you so much to each and every one of you.

I would love to do All Hallow's Eve year round, but I am sure that would take the fun out of it!

Suzanne, it still gets quite chilly here at night and this is the first of the few days it has been nice....for more then one day. LOL

I hope you all have a great day and Thanks for stopping by.