My son made...

A new dollie! This gal has been in the works for many, many months! Jordan would work on it and then set her aside....pick it back up a few weeks later. He said, it is just so much work Mom. Too cute! Miss Libb ~Glory be to CLOWNS~ is currently on eBay

I am very PROUD of Jordan. He takes his time and is sure does show. I of course have to be there...."Hen Peckin" all the way *smirk* I have thought many, many times about releasing the pattern to this gal and I just may do that?

I was really worried about him stitching those lips...but he did wonderful. He also sculpted that star. Miss Libb ends on Sunday evening. On another note, I am making a FUN Nodder. A little needle felted panda head. She is turning out adorable. Gotta love the needle felted little dollies and such. I thought just a head, would be much more "kind" on my wrists.

I would have listed it tonight, but had to take the time to take the pictures of Jordan's dollie and edit them...and then not to mention, the daunting task of helping him list. That takes FOREVER. I will also be listing some Holly Berry Hill catalogs. A friend asked if I would list them for her...so the Panda and the catalogs will be on ebay, tomorrow evening...as long as all goes well. I hope you all have a nice evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Karen said...

Are you kidding??? How old is he? Wow!! I'm intimidated by that dollie!!! Excellent work! What an artist!! Thanks for sharing! (also, so sorry for your loss in your friend.) Hugs, Karen

~Tonya said...

No, I am not kidding Karen. He is 12 years old and has learned a lot fro watching me....not to mention I do a lot of "hen pecking".

I tell him he has to do a really really good job. Thank you so much. He is tickled pink.

Thank you for the kind words. I only knew Sue from the group, but she was a very sweet gal and much to young to pass away.

Have a wonderful day.

Jenny said...

Intimidating is the right word....Better than my dolls so far! I wish I had some help : smirk. So, I am bidding on this little one (or big one I should say!) Maybe Jordan could show me how to make dollies. HeeHee

Anonymous said...

Tonya... How thrilled you must be and VERY proud!!! Wow! My son, no way not a chance, I barely get a nod!!! hehehehe... Good for him and tell him to keep up the beautiful work...Hugs, MO