A Blog Award...

I received an award today! Thank you to Sue of Rabbit Hollow Prims, so very thoughtful of her to give me such an award. As you can see, it is an E for Excellent Blogging and now I must pass it on to 5 others... I am passing this Award on to:

Kim - Symbols of the Soul

Tammy - Ole Crow's Corner

Annie - Allegheny Annie's

Jenny - Art by Jenny

Ivonne - The Crackling Crows

I could pass it on to many more, but will keep it at five. These are gals whom do not have it yet...so I chose them for that reason as well.

I also thought I would let you know, our wireless provider is having problems AGAIN with our email. So, if you need to contact me backporchpickins@yahoo.com I called them and they said "no problems", but I am not getting my email's!

Nothing much going on here today...blowing, cold and may get more SNOW! Yes, we have a bit of snow on the ground. I hope you all have a great day. Blessings, ~Tonya


Jenny said...

Wow, Thanks for the award, Tonya. That was so thoughtful of you. Thanks for replying to my blog lots, I really enjoy it..but you know that. Have a lovely weekend, to! HUGS


Tammy said...

Sweet of you to give me, your big sis an award! I did not even know until today when you and I were talking And I seen this award with my name! You know I have always loved to write, just wish I had more time to do ALL The THINGS that I LOVE TO DO and want to do. I will post on my blog hopefully tonight. I am honored! Thank you Hugs, Tam