I had to have lots of that (patience) in the past couple of days. Well, first I had to stencil all them darn signs....which, ya all know I didn't even want too. Hubby asked me too...so I did. We all do things we really don't want to do at times, just to make others happy. And that is okay.

Then poor little Sydney was very sick last night and today. It started out with a very high fever. It was at the minimum 103.5 she never did let me finish taking it. She was on fire and not making much sense when she was talking. I tried to give her a bath to cool her down, started out with a "normal" temp. bath, she was freezing (she said) and had "goosebumps" all over her. I had already given her Motrin as well.

Well, tried to lay her down, she didn't fall asleep till about 3:00 am or a little after. I went to bed shortly after. But before that, she was so hot, she did throw up twice. She broke her temp. in the night......didn't wake up till about 8:45 am and looked pretty good. I felt her head immediately......she was fine that way BUT, she said her ear hurt. When Sydney says her ear hurts, I listen. She has a high tolerance to pain. I took her to the Doctor. No messing around with it.

Yup, her ear was so swollen, the Doc could not even seen inside! Almost ruptured! Poor little girl. So, that was my past two days in a nut shell. I hope your day was better then mine. I now get to PLAY with a new dollie. I am looking forward to that. Have a good evening. Toodles, ~Tonya


Lorraine said...

Awww...hope little Sydney is feeling better:o)! We've had a bout of pink eye around here..

Jenny said...

Oh, your pore daughter. I hope she is doing much better now and you can relax a bit!

hugs, Jenny

Pea said...

Poor Ninny! I hate the thought of that sweet girl being sick. I do hope that she feels better soon.
Well I know you have been busy. Now don't go getting sick yourself girl!

Kelly~MysticalEntities said...

Oh I feel for Sydney. I know that pain I had mine rupture at the age of 18. It took a few days for me hearing to return. Hope she`s feeling better!