**NEW** Pattern...

I FINALLY have a **NEW** pattern/epattern, YAY!! I had numerous requests last year when I had originally designed Libby. I have finally released it! I have dragged my feet with new patterns and I am so sorry. I get lost in doll making...

I have the paper pattern listed on ebay. **Remember Ebay NO LONGER allows the sale of epatterns (anything digital). You can always find ALL of my epatterns/patterns on Patternmart or my website. I also just started a NEW Etsy account (a work in progress), but I do have ~Glory be to Clowns~ listed on there.

Do remember...at any time you can ALWAYS email me and I can paypal you or you can send a check or money order. My email address is dandtturvold@deskmedia

Blog GIVE-A-WAY...
Doreen of Vermont Harvest Bears & Prims is having a 100th Post give a way. She is giving away some WONDERFUL gifts. All you have to do is leave a comment. That is i!

I have lots to do, so I must go. I did however get my bedroom furniture painted this weekend...now I am waiting on hubby to do his part to it. I was hoping that he would have worked on it today...but NO such LUCK. Oh well, I have waited this long....a bit longer will not hurt. I hope you all have a Good Night Sleep. Sweet Dreams, ~Tonya


Doreen said...

Good Morning Tonya. Thanks for posting about my giveaway...you are too sweet.

Love your new pattern :)

Have a wonderful day

Jenny said...

I should my hubby this doll and told him how much it sold for...he was like...WOW. and it wasn't even sold in a shop in Aspen...lol

I may get to work on an americana doll myself. I have all the material, I just have not started it.

I told my hubby I wanted to come to your house and learn something...mentor as you will. You inspire me. I think you are the most talented of all the artist I collect from. :)

Well, I am filling out extensions, again! Seems like I always do that because my CPA for one of my business is always late, therefore I cannot do my personal. Oh well.

I cannot wait till I get Miss Libb. I will be sticking her in my lovely office. I will probably have to move another doll to make room, but at lest I can enjoy her more.

It is sunny today...we'll see how long that lasts!

~Tonya said...

You are Most welcome Doreen. Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the pattern.


~Tonya said...

Awww Jenny, you are so sweet. Thank you for your comment. I am honored.

Americana is always so much fun. I hope you have FUN creating.

And taxes...that is really no fun. At least I get a bit of a break today.

Have a great day.

Karen said...

Tonya!! Yeah...she's a pattern! I'm going to Pattern Mart to find her, right now! Thanks...and hope you get those dreaded taxes ready! My DH makes me do them in January...grrrr..but at least they are behind me! Hugs, Karen